AS 22: How Brandon Makes 100k+ a Month Selling on Amazon

30 Mar 2016

This was a live interview periscope/podcast with Brandon who pulls over $100,000+/month selling private label on Amazon. Brandon is 31 years old, from Miami Florida, and in this interview we talk about:

Watch first 10 minutes:

Overview on this podcast interview

  • How to sell on Amazon?
  • Differences between Retail Arbitrage and Private Label
  • PPC Strategies and Secrets?
  • What tools to use on Amazon?
  • Brand & Vision Strategies
  • How to outsource better
  • Ebay vs. Amazon, and how to use each one?
  • Launching your first business
  • All about Brandon
  • Secrets to permissions on Amazon
  • Potential problems with giving access to your Amazon Account
  • Variation Secrets on Amazon
  • How to use External Ads and PPC on Amazon and why
  • Difference between high ASIN accounts and using fewer ASINs

Brandon runs the Facebook group AmzNinja
David runs the AmzSecrets Mastermind Group


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Duration: 1.06 hrs

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