AS 31: How William Tjernlund Sells Millions + Yearly Revenue on Amazon Private Label and Wholesale

08 Jun 2016

Today on the show we had Will Tjernlund, a 25 year old entrepreneur with roots in Minnesota. He’s been at this game for a long time, so much so, that he had to wait till he was over 18 to qualify for a credit card and his own Amazon Account. In this interview, you’ll get a ton of new AmzSecrets and questions answered regarding selling on Amazon, and Amazon Private Label, Amazon Wholesaling, and scaling the business:

Questions answered:
How to sell on Amazon while in college?
How to source products via wholesale?
How to scale your business as fast as possible?
How to work with cash flow?
How William built a leaner business without a manufacturer?
How to have multiple partners selling on Amazon?
How to travel to Asia, Europe, South America and Argentina while being successful seller?
How to beat the competition?

Insights gained:
Shipping strategies related to Amazon Merchant Fulfilled and Amazon FBA
Setting up smarter partnerships and separate businesses accounts
The false fear around setting up multiple Amazon accounts
Pareto’s Principle and how it is deployed in Williams Businesses
and lots more!

AmzSecrets Platform:
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Contact William:
Email: williamtjernlund@gmail.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/tjernlund?fref=ts

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