AS 37: How Scott Margolius got to the Top 10% of all Sellers on Amazon

22 Jul 2016

Scott Margolius comes on the show from and, serving both Amazon & eBay sellers as well as brand owners and manufacturers looking to expand online.  He was in the top 25% of sellers for the holiday selling seasons of 2012-13 & top 10% 2014.

What your’ll learn in this episode:

  • All about Scott Margolius
  • Trade show recommendations from Scott
  • How to keep your Amazon Seller Feedback healthier
  • How to keep your Amazon review feedback healthier
  • Techniques he helps his clients with, and shares with AmzSecrets
  • Best way of addressing seller feedback
  • Best way to stay in the white hat – for product inserts
  • What sellers should not do on Amazon
  • How to avoid Amazon suspension?
  • How to avoid product suspension
  • Scott’s beliefs, entrepreneurial journey
  • Strategies, secrets, and tips that Scott uses
  • Insights from a top seller

And much more!

Transcript coming soon

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