AS 43: Rachel Greer worked inside Amazon for 7 years and discussed inner workings

08 Aug 2016

Today we had Rachel Greer on the show, who is an Amazon consultant who spent more than seven years working for Amazon in various capacities, in seller enforcement and private brands and imports compliance. Rachel founded Cascadia Seller Solutions to support new small ecom businesses.

What you’ll learn:

  • Rachel Greer’s story into Amazon, and out of Amazon
  • How seller performance works on the inside
  • Operations inside of Amazon
  • Inner workings of how Amazon is structurered, from software, to people management, to product safety
  • How Amazon is building Amazon Basics, and their growth
  • Budgets, quantity and strategy around Amazon Basics
  • Weird things Amazon customers complain about
  • How amazon builds teams to compete with themselves internally
  • Strength testing of products for Amazon basics
  • Bacterial contamination within products
  • Whether or not you need Product Liability insurance
  • Proposition 65, what is it?
  • How to plan to be in-stock, well.
  • How to build and manage partnerships
  • The myth of, does Amazon leverage manufacturing receipts to build Amazon Basics products, solved!
  • FDA approvals, what it means, and how honest are Chinese manufacturers
  • PL Basics amazon is going into
  • Scaling a high quality team like Rachel has done
  • What tools she uses for communication and project management

And much more!

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