AS 34: Amazon Seller Nathan Hirsch Pulls 5M+ Revenue a Year With His Virtual Assistant Army

06 Jul 2016

In this podcast, we focused on exploding our Amazon businesses using virtual armies both remote and outsourced abroad. Nathan shares some solid secrets and behind the scenes info on his own companies which sheds better practices on  managing VA’s, a critical aspect to growing and succeeding in business.

Nathan Hirsch is a business owner and serial entrepreneur. His first business an Amazon store does over 5 million in sales revenue a year. I’ve hired hundreds of workers and written an eBook on hiring workers. I consider myself a hiring expert and I created and make hiring easier for people in eCommerce.

You can go to different websites;,; all these different sites and post jobs, get a 100 applicants, interview them one by one. At the end of the day, you ether make a good hire or a bad hire. If you make a bad hire it could get hurt your company and set you back. If you make a good hire and that worker quits you’re right at where you started, posting jobs and interviewing people one by one. That can stall and set back your company.

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • How to grow virtual assistant armies
  • How to outsource or use remote agents
  • How to value time
  • VA and remote worker strategies
  • Taxes related to VA and remote workers
  • How VA’s can take over support, graphic design, emails, and everything around eCommerce businesses
  • All about Nathan Hirsch FreeeUp platform and how it differs from freelancer and
  • How Nathan builds his VA Army and organizes it to work effectively.
  • Using Project Manager VA’s
  • How Nathan is growing his own Amazon & Job Hiring business
  • How to scale your Amazon Business, employees vs. remote employees

Contact Nathan:  413-250-0846


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