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So my account has been suspended due to the Late Shipment Rate metric. After reading through multiple threads on this forum this is the appeal I submitted to Amazon:

What went wrong:

Hello, we have received an email that stated our seller privileges have been suspended for our late shipment which is above 4%. We accept full responsibility for this performance violation. This was related to our lack of knowledge in regards to Amazon’s bulk upload features as well as failure to be prepared against delays from manufacturers and lost shipments.
1) ITELITE Antenna Range Extender – We had put in an order for a new shipment of antennas and was given tracking via UPS for them. The expected delivery date for the antennas was Monday (12/12/16). So, we believed it would be okay for us to put the stock up on Friday (12/9/16) and ship them out when the y were supposed to arrive on Monday. However, all of the packages were lost and we still haven’t received that shipment from UPS. Here is the tracking number for your reference:

We were unprepared and did not consider this possibility when we listed the antennas back up on Amazon.
2) Parrot Mambo Minidrone – Similar to the antenna, the manufacturer of this drone let us know that it would be available for order on a certain day. However, when we ordered the items it was delayed by two weeks. We took their word for it and was unable to ship out the drones to the customers who had already ordered.
3) Cheerson CX-10A Gold – In order to improve our metrics, we requested our IT team to update the handling time for all of our products to 3 days for all of our products. When using the “Add Products via Upload” tool to edit the handling time in bulk, the IT team discovered that the “Handling Time” field was reliant on the stock field – so edits to handling time also edited quantity/stock value.
Our team did not realize that since we did not manually set individual quantity values for every product to the bulk list, the bulk list ended up changing the stock for every product in our inventory to 20. Before we could notice that the bulk update changed quantities, we received orders for the Cheerson CX-10A.
These bulk updates were performed on December 9th. We did not intend on selling Cheerson CX-10A at the time of those sales, stock being added on those was an error on our part. Once we realized that the bulk update had changed stock quantities, we worked to resolve the situation, but this was already after the Cheerson CX-10A orders were made.

What we have done to fix the problems:
1) We have increased the handling time to 4 days to ensure that we have the correct amount of time to fulfill orders on time.
2) We have informed and made it a policy that all employees must input tracking information immediately.
3) We will no longer list any items on Amazon unless we have physical stock in our warehouse. No more assumptions will be made in regards to shipment ETA’s and manufacturer promises.
4) We have familiarized ourselves in Amazon systems involving bulk uploads in order to ensure that future mistakes are not made.
5) We as a team have reviewed Amazon’s policies on Seller Account Health and performance metrics (especially in the Late Shipment areas). Also, management and shipping departments have been informed of these policies as well.
6) We are reviewing our customer shipments to make sure orders are received within the allotted time frame. If for any reason, the shipper (USPS, UPS, Fedex) is experiencing delays or lost packages we immediately contact the customer and compensate accordingly.
In order to improve our late shipment rate, we have already begun effectively implementing these policies on our remaining order. I hope that this appeal shows our motivation to coincide with all of Amazon’s performance standards.
Thank you for your consideration.

I truly thought I had formulated a solid POA. However, this is how Amazon responded:


We reviewed your account, and it seems that a number of buyers found your fulfillment practices unreliable. Our Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service may help.

With FBA, you send your inventory directly to Amazon. When orders are received, we will professionally pick, pack, and ship the product directly to the buyer. In addition, our customer service team will manage customer inquiries, refunds, and returns for your FBA orders.

We may allow you to sell on again if you agree to use our FBA service for all of your listings on our site. To learn more about FBA, search for “Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)” in Seller Central Help.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Seller Performance Team

I would prefer to continue fulfilling orders in my warehouse (FBM) as I have made the necessary changes to avoid late shipment. Does anyone have any advice on how to appeal this? Any help would be much appreciated.

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I think your plan of action is suitable and simple.
As far as the explanation of what happened, in my opinion, I wouldn’t be so specific about each item. You could make your whole appeal easier to read and understand by simply stating that you had listed certain skus as in stock that UPS tracking projected to be delivered to you by a certain date and that shipment got lost.

The upload feed explanation makes sense to me, but it probably won’t to someone else. Either way it’s too hard and long to read in my opinion. I would simply say that there was a software bug/glitch or formula error that set the upload feed quantity of all your listings to 20. The bug wasn’t discovered unfortunately until after some products sold.

I would elaborate a little more than I did, certainly. A one sentence explanation although the most direct, probably seems overly simple even if only for appearances.

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Some sellers can take the risks because they have a track record on Amazon and enough volume to survive a late shipment.

You apparently had neither the track record nor the volume of shipments.

Our friend Bunga has both. And is unlikely to be in this situation for as many products as you have been.

Perhaps if you did not increase your production time and pad your appeal with B.S. Amazon might have thought you had learned a lesson.

It is now FBA or out the door. In the past you would not have been offered the option of FBA.

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