Customer situation, tell me if I'm crazy:


Customer situation, tell me if I’m crazy:
1. Customer orders a backpack for $80. I ship, it gets delivered early.
(By the way, customer messaged day of ordering. From my experience customers who message early on, typically are the most needy)
2. Customer messages day after delivery saying the strap broke. Requesting a replacement after return and to receive a price adjustment of $18 since Amazon now has the backpack for cheaper.
3. I send the customer a return label, but let them know Amazon is a different seller and we do not honor price adjustments, especially regarding other sellers. (But said so more professionally)
4. Customer is upset that he thinks because the strap broke, he should get a free replacement (which okay. I’ll replace it) and a price adjustment and WILL be contacting Amazon over it.
5. I refrain from calling him every name in the book and continue working on listings.

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Problem is buyers are getting clever these days. On eBay you just claim item is defective and the seller has to provide you a label at their own expense and there is no way to prove to eBay the buyer might be lying. Not to mention Chinese sellers who are practically destroying ecommerce with their bellow wholesale price selling directly to eBay/Amazon customers. The way things are going both eBay and Amazon are going to be filled mostly with Chinese junk within few years. I mean eBay is already became one of those now it’s amazons turn.

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