Does anyone out there have a phone #/fax # for seller-performance?


I am being falsely accused of violating AMZ policy by a customer. I have had several exchanges with the seller performance dept. by email, and it’s obvious that they are not reading my responses or looking at my evidence which refutes the false claim. I just keep getting form letter responses. I need them to unblock my listing because there is absolutely no truth in the customer’s claim. This is liable, slander, and defamation of character at it’s finest. If customers can now call AMZ and make false claims without any proof whatsoever and get our listings blocked, we need to know! Thanks for any help.

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There is no such thing as a phone number for seller performance.
They do nothing by phone.
Do to the legal implications of many of their decisions they want everything in writing and so should you.

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The Gourmet Online wrote:Hi-
My account has not been suspended. My listing was blocked. As far as proof:
We had no inventory on 11/15 so we ordered 36 units. The product became a fast seller so between 11/15 and 12/13 we placed 4 separate orders totaling 174 units. Remember- we started out with zero. The product was already in the marketplace and someone else was in control of the listing. We priced the product to move fast and we won the buy box whenever we had it in stock.
This customer placed her order in the middle of this time frame, and she was shipped inventory with a best by date of 92/2019. Approximately 2 weeks later I heard from her through the buyer-seller messaging module. She asked me if I had sent her “old inventory” that I had on hand already. She asked about storing the product, and commented that it tasted “old”. I responded with a detailed explanation of the time line, and how we had no outdated inventory on hand that might have ended up in her hands. The product we’re talking about is Griottine cherries from France. They are macerated in 7 different liqueurs and packed in kirsch. Fruit in liquor does not get old. The alcohol content preserves it for up to 20 years – by then the alcohol has evaporated and your left with fruit in sugar water.
I suggested that she share them with friends, keep them refrigerated and rest assured that she had received fresh inventory. I never heard back from her. One week later the listing got blocked, and seller-safety department sent me an email telling me that my listing was blocked because I sold someone “used food as new”. Despite the fact that I have provided them with copies of my last 4 invoices, and photos of the cartons that show the best by date and the date I received them, they are basically telling me that I have to come up with a plan to prevent something from happening that never happened in the first place. Then they want me to assume responsibility and admit to doing something I never did. This is madness! This a slippery slope – if customers can just call AMZ, tell them that they received old/used merchandise, provide no proof yet impact your ability to sell, there’s no where to go but away. I keep sending my evidence and I keep getting canned form letter responses. At the bottom of the emails it always says, “if you want someone to contact you by phone, click here.” That link takes me to Seller Support where I speak with sympathetic but inept reps who tell me to send all my stuff to seller-performance again. They must answer to someone even if they don’t answer the phone!

If your “plan” was that wall of text, I see why they are not reading your appeals. I didn’t read it all.

The people who decide these cases speak poor English to begin with. Then they get hit with something like that? You try reading it.

1. Use brief to the point sentences.
That is at least 6 times longer than necessary and sounds like you are tattling to your mother.

2. Send the invoices with dates circled when you finally come up with a readable plan. Brief sentences. White space. You don’t put in all the customer exchange – maybe one sentence summary.

And if she WAS your customer and WAS having a problem, why didn’t you send a prepaid label and get it back instead of arguing with her? Might have avoided the entire problem. They complain louder and longer and to Amazon if you don’t follow policy.

3. Do what they asked and in the proper format they asked you to do it in. Find some appeal threads in the forum and read them.

4. Once you have sent a readable, logical appeal/plan to the proper department, do NOT contact them again. Do not contact Seller Support either as they can do nothing and you are wasting their time and yours. If they do pass your communiques on, then Performance will regard the additional one as an appeal and sooner or later get tired of you wasting their time.

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