Getting started with wholesaling and I contacted a big wholesaler to set up an account.


Getting started with wholesaling and I contacted a big wholesaler to set up an account. They are processing my
application and they are asking me about an address where the merchandise can be shipped. I gave my home address and
they said it wouldn’t work, I gave my office address where I work and they said no again. Here’s their wording below.
Anyone else run into this and get it resolved?
We need a shipping address that is either a storefront or a warehouse dedicated to your company. The address you provided
appears to be associated with another business. Please provide an address that complies with the below requirements posted
on our website – We require that retailers interested in carrying our line must operate out of a retail store front location
, have a commercial warehouse dedicated solely to the company, and/or have an acceptable web based business as determined by

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Yes, we have run into this. Didn’t have any local friends that had office/warehouse space to receive for us either.
We knew the wholesaler that initially turned us down was one we wanted to work with so it was one of the motivating factors
to move our business out of the house. Since then we have been asked the same questions but now say yes we have our own
warehouse and receiving area. The companies do look at addresses on the applications and confirm if commercial. Working
with that wholesaler that first rejected us makes us many times our rent month after month so it was worth it for us to

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You can give them any address from any Logistic company

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