Help with suspension appeal: late shipment rate after Thanksgiving holiday


I received the message below and have already dug into this and wrote an appeal.

Your late shipment rate is higher than the goal of less than 4%. As a result, you may no longer sell on, and your listings have been removed from our site.

This was my first appeal, which was not accepted as a plan. Can someone help me with an amended response?

Suspended for poor selling performance

Dear Amazon,

Recently, we have had a late shipment rate that is above the acceptable target of less than 4%. This has caused our selling privileges to be suspended. This means a great deal to me as these are your customers and I take this very serious. This is well below Amazon’s standard and our own standard as well. We strive ship all items the same or next business day.

Problem: We turned our store back on from Thanksgiving Holiday vacation mode 1 day too soon and were not able to process those shipments over the break because of a travel delay. This caused 16 orders to be shipped 1 day late.

Plan of action:
1) Only enable our store when we are physically back to ship orders. This ensures we ship ALL orders within Amazon’s default policy of 2 days.
2) All current orders have been shipped and all items that were shipped late will still reach the customer within the allotted time.
3) We also plan to convert more listings to FBA. We’ve had success with this in the past and will help us with fulfilling orders while on vacation.

Thank you for time in reviewing this and I appreciate a reinstatement.

This was their response, about an hour after my appeal was submitted:


We appreciate the information you provided, however we do not consider that to be a valid plan of action. Our review of your account found the following problems.

Your late shipment rate is higher than the goal of less than 4%. Explain how you will prevent late shipments in the future.

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Your rewrite should –

  • Take more responsibility
  • Identify the root cause, and own it
  • Cut out the BS
  • Take out the irrelevant stuff

Your issue sounds like you failed to make (or keep) your store inactive when you knew you wouldn’t be there to ship orders. Why did you do that? What can you tell Amazon to assure you that you’ll do things differently if a similar situation happens again?That’s more of a description of the result of your problem, not the cause of it. Why did you turn the store back on before you returned? And why didn’t you turn it back off as soon as your travel was delayed? And is this really all there is to the story?

Coming off vacation one day early shouldn’t lead to late shipments because you get 2 business days to ship. When did you put your store on vacation, and when did you take it off? When were you expecting to be back to ship orders, and when did you actually return? Why couldn’t you still ship things on time? If there’s nothing more than re-activating the store too soon, then your problem description should start with something like ‘We failed to properly manage our store’s vacation settings…’

And THEN explain how you’ve learned your lesson and what you’ll do differently if given a second chance.

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If that is the cause and solution to prevent it from happening in the future, you should add it. It sounds like you have found the cause and a way to prevent it. If you write a good appeal, you should be reinstated.

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