Is this a scam?



Need some advise on this. I was looking to purchase a camera and found the one I wanted


and one of the sellers on the list had email first before order.

Which I did mainly to check it out. I confirmed I was interested.

I then received an order confirmation from auto-confirm@amazon-international-payments.co.uk

I didn’t place the order on Amazon, they sent this and it says payment via Amazon Gift Card…according to this I need to purchase an Amazon Gift Card and reply to the order confirmation with the gift card code….
Order Total: £675.00
Selected Payment Method: Gift Cards

Payment Details
• The payment method available for this order is Gift Card by Amazon Payments.
• The Gift Card code will be sent to Amazon Payments by replying to this email. Please follow our instructions to complete the transaction safely.
How to complete payment
• Clicking here to enter Amazon Gift Cards Section or do it manually by reaching Gift Cards section from Amazon.co.uk main page.
• Click Amazon Printable Gift Voucher
• Chose standard gift card design.
Complete Amazon Gift Card Details:

anyone had this before?

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Probably looking at all the different high value items they are selling at less than a third price. Even used items of these products have higher value.

Still if people want save money by buying from a dubious source like this then they have no one to blame except themselves if they end up receiving an empty box or a toy version of the item.

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I’d say without doubt that this is a scam.

To cheap to be true item? – No.

Emailing the Seller first? – No.

Gift card voucher code for payment? – No.

Just Launched seller with no feedback – No.

So many No’s in one place you couldn’t count them.

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I wouldn’t touch that with a barge pole, doubt it is within Amazon guidelines as well? Maybe report it and see what SS say.

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100% scam

Report them to Amazon, they should not be asking for payment away from Amazon.

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