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We have been selling licensed NFL merchandise for a little over 7 years now with no problem. Recently, many of our NFL listing are being blocked even though the inventory is already at a fulfillment center with a message saying the account is being reviewed. Everything is purchased from a licensed wholesaler in the US. Every item has the NFL tags and hologram stickers. Everything is 100% authentic merchandise.

We have followed every step requested by the seller performance team. Sent in the past 180 days of receipts, wholesaler phone, website, etc.. Still, at least one listing marked as inactive blocked every day.

Has anyone else had the same problem? Any info would be appreciated.

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Hello, yes, we have been as well. Been on here almost 8 years also. After several weeks of one – two listings per day and sending all requested information, last Monday we received an email stating they were satisfied with our information and the blocked inactive listings were now reinstated – Hallelujah – literally 20 minutes later 3 of the previously reinstated listings were once again blocked as inactive with the standard “canned” response emails sent to us. We called Seller Support who encouraged us to relist the 3 removed – which we did – only to have them immediately blocked again. We now have several more specific NFL listings blocked as inactive, they don’t even bother to send us the emails stating they are removed “We have cancelled your offers listed at the end of this message and are conducting a review of your selling account because there’s a concern about the authenticity of these items” If they would tell me where the concerns originate, maybe I could quell their concerns, however, I have no clue as to where this stems from.

This is not a part time gig for me to make some pocket money, this is our career, our livelihood and how we make a living, as well as our employees. There is no one to call, no one to explain to us why they are doing this. 99% of the listings in question have not sold in months – the NFL generally starts to sell well when they start playing – meaning NOW – so there can’t be a customer questioning authenticity. I’ve never had a question to authenticity or licensing. I have every invoice for every item I list – all 100% NFL and individual team licensed with the hologram sticker. I sell all 32 teams.

We also sell FBA and have had to request removal orders for the “stranded” blocked listings products – more of my $$$ wasted. The frustration increases by the day. Instead of building my store and taking care of business, I spend a lot of time sending the same messages and the same invoices to seller performance – with no clear indication of the problems origination much less an end to this fiasco in sight.

Amazon supported subsidiaries approached us right before all of this started about securing a sizable loan to purchase inventory to ready for the holidays, which we accepted and subsequently have purchased tens of thousands of dollars in NFL products and such. At this time, I feel we are in limbo with a “wait and see what happens next” attitude. This is simply not in our business model or how we project to operate, in fact, this is the time of year we are generally ramping up.

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exact same thing happen to us, we supply all legitimate documentation and we get an email from seller performance saying review complete go ahead and sell then 30 seconds later (litterally) 30 seconds later a new romval email for same asin.

We dont buy from a distributor. We buy direct from Adidas, Majestic, Reebok, OuterStuff, Dallas Cowboys for 10-25 years.

our metrics are solid.

the new NFL policy states:
If you sell on a 3rd party marketplace we reserve the right to tell the supplier (rrebok, nike, etc.) not to sell to you anymore.

The cinese sellers have wrecked this category now the NFL is coming in for the kill.

however this is Amazon official policy:
Exclusive or Selective Distribution: Amazon respects a manufacturer’s right to enter into exclusive distribution agreements for its products. However, violations of such agreements do not constitute intellectual property rights infringement. As the enforcement of these agreements is a matter between the manufacturer and the retailers, it would not be appropriate for Amazon to assist in enforcement activities.

I always thought Jeff Bezos wanted legitimate sellers with legitimate merchandise and the goal was to sell it at a discount to amazon customers

We all are under the impression if we buy legitimate merchandise from legitimate sources we are allowed to sell on Amazon.

If the NFL doesnt like it they call nike up and say cut this guy off.

amazon policy specifically states they do not get involved in legitimate sales of real, licensed merchandise.

this is all football fanatics going for the kill. They want to control of every aspect of the licensed business. I predict they spin out an ipo within 2 years and the big shots at the leagues will get a piece.

This really is an example of the rich crushing the hard working little guys.

I suggest you concentrate more on building your own website where you have better control over selling legitimate merchandise without the risk.

good luck.

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