AmzSecrets War Room

war room

  • Understand how your keywords are actually performing in respect to the changes you just did on Keyword King. Are they ranking? Do they drive traffic?
  • Remove bad performing keywords with good ones, that drive traffic and cashflow. Actionable intelligence.
  • No manual typing of keywords. War Room automatically grabs your keywords from Keyword King, and starts tracking them once you activate it.
  • No “attaching” your seller account for private data. We are non-intrusive, and never sync to your Amazon account or request app permissions into your account. All our data is directly gathered from Amazon, without your amazon account.
  • A/B test keyword lists. See when you made changes, and how it affects your BSR.

And much more!


  • Each war room is created by a keyword king list. You must assign an ASIN to create a war room
  • All data is direct from Amazon. No third-party data is used here! Enjoy.
  • Included with every VIP membership.

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