AS 30: Brian Burt aims for 1M+/Month Revenue Selling on Amazon Private Label

06 Jun 2016

In this action packed, golden nugget filled podcast/periscope with Brian Burt, who’s 35, he discusses numerous private label strategies within his businesses, his agency, brands  and much more:

Questions answered:

  • How to leverage partners to build bigger businesses
  • How to build multiple brands at the same time
  • How to build your business with Amazon
  • How to scaled down employees and scaled up operations
  • How to treat your manufacturers
  • How to expand marketing outside of Amazon
  • How to leverage and automate Instagram
  • How to gain key influencers around your business to explode it
  • How to deliver value and why its more important

And much more

Insights gained

  • Auto posting to Instagram
  • Upselling via eCommerce channels versus Amazon, pros and cons
  • BSR increases vs up-sell increases
  • Virtual assistants and work flow optimization
  • Building businesses and strategies for Amazon
  • Conferences that are useful and sellers who go to them
  • Negotiation hacks with manufacturers
  • Manufacturer diversification and strategic dependence on none
  • Manufacturer partnerships


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