AS 89: Inside Nejc operation, 140K Euros/Month – Learning from mistakes

10 Aug 2017

Today I’ve got  Nedjc Voraic on the show, Nejc is an entrepreneur who started learning selling on Amazon about 1,5 years ago. With help of the knowledge of his mentors, mastermind group and a lot of trial and error, he managed to build a serious business. The beauty of his philosophy is that he does not put much focus on conversion, ranking and listing optimization. He has now scaled to over 140.000 € a month, mostly from selling in Europe.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Mistakes Nedjc made and how he pivoted 
  • How much he started with
  • How he has grown his business
  • How he scales his business
  • How to build an amazon business
  • Tools Nedjc uses
  • Mentors Nedjc uses
  • What worked for Nedjc and what didn’t
  • His morning routines 
  • His business strategy
  • How to source outside of China
  • Tricks and secrets Nejc uses

And lots more. Transcript coming soon

How to Contact Nedjc:

Mail: nejc87@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nejcvolaric

15 min free Skype call where I share our methods 1 on 1 and answer your questions

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