AS 44: John Bullard Sr. from $500, to millions per year with his Private Label and Warehouse Empire

12 Aug 2016

John Bullard Sr who started out with $500.00 in capital and has built a Multi million dollar business selling on Amazon he is the co founded maejaassociates, myinventoryteam, myfulfillmentteam He hosts his own webinar show

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn John Bullard’s story
  • See how he scaled his warehouse, and continues to do so
  • How John leveraged his warehouse and turned it into more cash
  • Talk about multiple income streams
  • Packaging improvements including his bubble box technique
  • Tools for your warehouse
  • Thoughts on Robots, Amazon, Walmart, Jet
  • How he outsources his business to grow faster
  • Conferences he attends
  • Distribution of tasks
  • How he leverages software tools
  • Private Label strategies of John’s
  • Scaling, vision, and future

And lots more!

Contact John and notable links mentioned:

Transcript to come later

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