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We get on a call with you to go over our process, our company, and learn more about your Amazon/E-Commerce business.

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We provide a valuation range of your business, along with a go-to-market strategy. 

AmzSecrets Advantage:

Quick Facts About the Team

  • Fastest growing Amazon Podcast connecting buyers, sellers, industry leaders, and e-Commerce experts
  • 50+ businesses brokered
  • Decades of experience in buying, selling and brokering businesses

What we do:

  • Thoroughly evaluate your business
  • Develop an Exit Strategy
  • Market your business with absolute discretion
  • Qualify and vet buyers to be sure they possess the desire and the financial, emotional and operational capability to consummate the deal
  • Organize legal, accounting, tax and/or due diligence help, if necessary
  • Provide invaluable consulting services
  • Help reduce expenses so the deal multiple is maximized
  • Get the process started by furnishing the initial documents to get the banks on board
  • We excel at troubleshooting the issues that never fail to arise during the due diligence and lending stages of the transaction
  • Successfully close the deal by putting all of the players into place
  • If you already have a buyer, we can help with Deal Consulting and ultimately closing
  • If your business is struggling, we can help with Turnaround Consulting so you may begin thinking about an exit strategy
  • Maximizing the value of your company to prepare for a future sale
  • Guidance with Estate Planning & Due Diligence
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