Selling Your Amazon Business – Part 1

25 Mar 2016

Anyone receive acquisition offers on their businesses here? Its’ about to get serious. Meeting with a potential buyer this Friday..to potentially talk about acquisition/// or integrated partnership multi-million dollar scale up. All is on the table.

What would you do? What have you done. What are you considering? Thread starts…now

Commentary & Responses:

Brady Cook: The only way I would consider selling is if I felt like I had nothing more I could accomplish with my business. Partnership is different, if he can 10x it faster than you can and the business goals align, Id go for it if the price wasnt too steep

John Mummery: I have a partner but if I didn’t I’d consider one for this reason.

Lanelle Horstmeier Barber: Were you actively seeking a buyer or did this potential buyer approach you?

I was approached

Jarrad BosenbergIt would depend on how much I liked the brand, products and sales forecast. If it was a brand i loved and was getting good sales/profits and of all my admin and logistics were on auto pilot, I’d hold onto it.

David Aladdin Tomorrow’s the meeting, I will post followup. Definitely not excited to sell, but curious to talk and see what he has to say

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Sell Your Amazon Business?

If you own an E-commerce business with annual sales of at least $1M+ and you're open to a serious conversation about selling please read on. I have clients with funds between $2M - $20M who are ready to buy low maintenance Ecom businesses doing at least $1M+ in annual sales (with no upper limit) with a profit margin of 20% or higher. The business can utilize Amazon FBA and or Shopify and must own its own website and customer database.

This business will have a basic team of VA's in place or someone who can do most of the grunt work and it will also have sufficient evidence of scope of scale, without the new owner being handcuffed to their desk! If you or someone you know has a healthy Ecom business that meets these basic criteria and you are serious selling your Amazon business and moving on to something new, then please send me a PM with some basic details about your business or please share this post with someone you think might be a great fit.


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