There is no such thing as luck on Amazon

09 Mar 2016

There is no such thing as luck. You didn’t get here by chance. Every product you pick, is a strategic chess move forward. It’s calculated. With every move forward, you have 10 moves planned in reaction to that move.

Every product you choose should be carefully chosen, with a high degree of efficiency and quality. I believe in building products around a business, and not just product listings. Every time you choose a product, it pivots your next 100 moves…between marketing, sales, advertising, product images, website tweaks, article creation, network pushing… Choose with confidence, through experience, and the knowledge of others, and the infinite data you sift and choose to read through from the web..choosing what to read in itself is a calculated decision of your value of time.

The more reasons you have for choosing a product over another, is more reasons for you to succeed. Write the pros and cons of every product. Where’s that product fit in your grand scheme of a company?

These questions you ask, help you formulate, decide, and create your calculated business.

I am in the process of choosing 7-10 more products, and every one of them has a reason for coming into existence. In my game plan, every product will work together and create synergies between each other, up-sell each other, down-sell,cross-sell each other, and create what I call, a power punch into Amazon.

Businesses can be beautiful.


Benji Benyamin Nusair I think building a brand out of related products is great becaus eyou can preset them under the same brand which save ton of time. Also you can aim to dominate page 1 on amazon if your poruducts share teh same keywords and very niched down.

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