AS 47: Tracy Hazzard designed 250+ products resulting in 1 Billion in Revenue from Costco to Amazon

22 Aug 2016

Today on the show Tracy Hazzard came on the show! Tracy Hazzard is CEO of Hazz Design, ghost designer of 250+ consumer products generating almost $1 billion at on-line & at retail. She is an Inc. Innovation Columnist, co-host of WTFFF?! 3D Printing podcast and co-inventor on 37 patents. She talks about her secrets to getting an 86% success rate on our product commercialization and how a team of 2 designers + 3 virtual assistants can design, develop and source so many products in so little time.

What you’ll learn:

  • Don’t get to attached to your products
  • Engineering and design
  • How to deal in recall situations
  • Commercialization decisions
  • Launching into Costco and Amazon
  • How to get into Costco
  • All about 3D Printing
  • How 3D printing manufacturing will shift private label eventually
  • How she is using makerbot 2
  • What 3d printer she uses
  • How she leverages her team to build a better business
  • How she is brand building and building brand integrity
  • How she re-designs her products
  • Her design focus and specialty
  • Prototyping successful products rather than me-too products
  • Designing for the female in mind
  • Patents and patent protection

And much more!

Contact Tracy: | 3dstartpoint


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