AS 24: How Brady pulls in 30,000/month selling Private Label in Canada, USA, and U.K

19 Apr 2016

It’s raining golden nuggets. Today we have Brady who resides in Canada, and sells in the U.S, Canada, and U.K Amazon markets, as well as other platforms.  Brady earns over $30,000 a month with 10 different SKU’s, and on top of that he’s 23 years old!

What you’ll learn from Brady selling Private Label on Amazon:

  • How to sell Private label products
  • How to sell in Canada, USA, and U.K Markets
  • Brady’s vision and execution in Canadian marketplaces and abroad.
  • Amazon Grey-hat and white-hat secrets
  • Over 19 Amazon Selling Secrets, all revealed in this podcast
  • Brady’s first periscope

Some lessons learned in this podcast/periscope:

  • How to treat manufacturers, and why it’s important
  • Mistakes Brady made selling private label and how to avoid them
  • Seller feedback tricks and strategies
  • Product Review tricks
  • Private label secrets, strategies, and insights
  • Advanced strategies in selling abroad
  • Insights on selling on Amazon including how fast to respond to customer feedback
  • Fulfillment secrets

Watch video format, Get the entire analysis of secrets, plus HUNDREDS more in AmzSecrets VIP, the social network for Advanced Amazon Sellers, that will 2x-20x your business, and enhance relationships with other sellers, manufacturers, and wholesalers.


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