AS 25: Prime Day Strategy with Brandon Clark who sells $350,000/month on Amazon Private Label

20 Apr 2016

Brandon joins us live on the show sells over $350,000 per month with Amazon Private Label. Brandon has been selling for almost 3 years on Amazon and started with around $15,000. He resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

In this episode, you’ll learn from Brandon:

  • How to prepare for Prime Day
    How to sell in the supplements category
  • Risks for selling supplements on Amazon
  • 12 Tips and Secrets on selling supplements
  • How to grow and scale your Amazon business
  • How employees locally have helped him grow the business
  • Paretto’s principle and the entrepreneur
  • Patents for your products on Amazon
  • How to boost your Amazon reviews
  • How to start a supplements business

Lesson’s Learned:

  • Prime day effectiveness and what to do
  • FDA Labels with Supplements
  • Dangers of going into the supplement industry on Amazon and supplements in general
  • Auto-responder sequences and effectiveness in collecting emails
  • How to boost your reviews

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