AS 29: Better ACOS Optimization and PPC with Sean Smith

26 May 2016

Today we had Sean Smith on the show. Sean has more than 6 years of experience in several industries working in various capacities. He’s worked in strategy consulting, team management, and product development in different markets. A couple of years ago he taught himself SEO and was hired in-house as a professional SEO with an award-winning well-funded high growth tech startup in Chicago. During his time as an SEO Sean had to learn as much as possible about the Google search engine and how it uses calculations to try and generate the best search results for users based on keywords. In addition to learning search engines Sean started selling on Amazon as a hobby. He decided to leave his role and pursue selling full-time. He stumbled upon Amazon PPC consulting by using his internet marketing background to help sellers understand Sponsored Products. Now he manages more than $19k in monthly ad spend and has experience working in several markets and does PPC coaching for clients as well.

We answer these questions in this podcast:
How do search engines work and why is this important?
How do you know if Amazon has indexed your content?
How can I predict Sponsored Products ACoS for a private label product?
What are common types of keywords that do well in Sponsored Products campaigns?
How do I balance long tail keywords with keywords that produce more sales volume but have a higher ACoS?
How do I use my market’s CPC to launch and scale campaigns?
What is the future of Amazon PPC?
When do I negative exact a keyword or decrease bid to $0.02?
How do I use PPC for listing optimization?
Why is relevancy the most important factor?
How do high keywords bids perform compared to low keyword bids?

Insights Gained:

  • Which professional tools are used by expert PPC sellers
  • Private Blog networks and marketing
  • Adspending high vs. lows
  • A9 is run as a separate company
  • Long tail keyword optimization strategies
  • Steady Eddy Techniques
  • Low ranking fruit
  • Profitable Keyword strategies
  • When to scale campaigns and when not to
  • And lots more.

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