AS 49: Why being happy will help you sell more

29 Aug 2016

Today’s podcast, Episode 49, Why being happy will help you sell more

Today I’m happy! And I think you should be too.  We’re going to be talking about the Happiness Advantage and how it will make you sell more on Amazon, your ecommerce channels and a better entrepreneur all around. As I quest through entrepreneurialism, I’m always looking to optimize and grow my thought development process, and the way in which I strategically execute my businesses. I believe our thoughts and experiences through life exert the creations we do, the trigger decisions that we make, the pathways we build, and thus by fully immersing myself with thought leaders, business leaders, as you are doing when listening to this podcast and others, you are making the neurons in your brain fire faster, your create new neurological routes, and we are leveluping so to say.

Today’s focus is on understanding the science of happiness., Shawn Achor, a Harvard grad, goes into great detail about, The Happiness advantage.

The happiness advantage is as follows.

Happy people

  • Have better secure jobs
  • They are better at keeping jobs
  • They have superior productivity
  • They are more resilient
  • They have less burn out
  • They have less turn over
  • They have greater sales

Is being happy, worth delving deeper. I think yes. I think we can go 1 step further, and say by acknowledging this advantage, leveraging it, understanding it, you can sell more on Amazon, more on your brand, and be a recipient of all the positive benefits, less burn out, superior productivity.

Have you ever wondered how Tony Robbins gets so much done in a year. Or how Oprah has create such a large empire. Steve Jobs took Apple from nowhere to the company it is today. These leaders leveraged the happiness advantage.

So how do you get the happiness advantage, david?
It’s based on your positivity level. When your brain is not stressed, neutral or negative, but rather positive/and optimistic, you gain that happiness advantage.

According to Shawn  “Your brain at positive is 31% more productive than your brain at negative, neutral or stressed. You’re 37% better at sales. Doctors are 19 percent faster, more accurate at coming up with the correct diagnosiswhen positive instead of negative, neutral or stressed. “

I remember during college, I was mostly stressed, neutral, or negative about upcoming engineering tests I was going to take. I continuously thought….what is the point of this exam., Why are they making us do this.

When in fact, that mindset alone put me in the neutral-stressed zone. I was 37% worst at performing. Wow.

Now one thing Shawn forgets to mention , being continuously positive, will compound. And I notice this. As you continuously gain that 37% advantage, the neurons are continuously firing and creating more complex structures.

The key here is, if you can find ways to become positive, you can reverse the effect on your brain. You can train your brain to be faster, work harder, and more intelligently. You can become more resilient, have less burn out, have less turnover, and greater sales.

Okay david, what specific things can I do to create a long lasting positive change:

Okay, so this gets pretty interesting. All of the following will help you become more positive, even if you are already:

  1. Say and write 3 gratitude’s each day.
  2. Journal your day, allows your brain to relive it.
  3. Excercising – playing sports, hitting the gym, going for runs, walks ,beach walks, arm wrestling whatever. This teaches your brain that your behavior matters
  4. Meditating – helps you get the “cultural ADHD” – that feeling that your trying to do a million things at once, and allows our brain to perform one task at a very high level focus
  5. Random acts of kindness. The gift of giving. Everyone has their own reasons motivations for being kind. But being kind increasing your positivity, and gives you that happiness advantage.

The Advantage of happiness is undeniably a major advantage. It is simply too risky as entreprenuers not to understand how this works and to leverage its benefits.

We can train our brain the same way we train our bodies for a soccer match. To prepare it for tough problem the same we do for a touch soccer match.

We solve problems every day, we score soccer goals every day, and that’s only because we are training to do so, using the most efficient methods possible.

I’m not saying to be the happy jolly guy with a smile on your face at every given moment. No. I’m saying when your feeling stressed out, take a step back. Understand that the stress on your body, your mind, is causing you to go into surivial mode, thus using less areas of the brain, thus making worst decisions. You want to be able to fully utilize your brain, the one your giving to the max.

So lets throttle it up. Einstein did. Thomas Edision did. Steve Jobs did. Elon Musk does. We are too. There is no reason that we cannot eb like them.

So if possible, let me know if you do some of the things mentioned here already, and how has it affected your business, let me know about it.

Till next time guys, David Aladdin, out.


News, Analyzed.

So what does this all mean David?

I think this will deeply affect retail arbitrage sellers, and wholesalers, who will be the target of questions in regards to whether they are selling truly authentic brands. I think initially it will affect major corporate brands like Nike, Samsung, rather than what I’ve seen, PL brands think that they should pay this fee. That being said, It’s been circulating that as much as 4500/year is required if you want to have a dedicated Amazon employee – help you get through any tangles, issues that you may have. That fee, in my opinion is worth it if your selling 30k+ or more a year on Amazon. In the grand scheme of things, this move by Amazon helps brands a lot. Counterfitting is a growing problem, especially since most goods are made overseas these days, counterfitting is actually very easy to do, and Amazon needs to start enforcing it. I believe this entire program was created due to backlash from major brands. All part of the feedback cycle of life.

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