AS 54: Selling on your e-commerce site hurts your Amazon sales – Website Strategy

11 Sep 2016

Today’s podcast, episode 54: Selling on your e-commerce site hurts your Amazon sales – Website Strategy

I’ve been meaning to bring this discussion on because I haven’t seen anyone talking about it. IT’s crazy! In fact, I remember around 4 months ago, I briefly brought it up with someone, and they knew exactly what I’m talking about, and it was like they didn’t want anyone to know about it.

Did you know selling on your e-commerce site hurts your Amazon sales. Amazon whether pure genius fashion or just pure luck, configured their algorithm in such a way that the more places you sell, it technically hurts your Amazon sales.

What the heck are you talking about David!?

The entire Amazon system is set up with dozens of categories, , in which everyone product happily sits. And then when you get a sale on AMAZON, bam,  your product slowly increases it’s position in rank, and that’s called BSR – your best seller rank, for that category.

So as you funnel more sales to your listing, your product starts to  benefit from the reviews, but more importantly, the increases in rank, in turn, help your keywords grow in position, and you start to notice more increases in sales on Amazon, organically.

Okay… David, I know dat, where are you going with it.

So now if you have an ecommerce site, and you sell 10 units today on there, Amazon has no idea. In fact, you sold 10 less units on Amazon. And by selling 10 units less on Amazon that could equate to 3000 positions in your category. If you rank 100 on amazon for that category, you could have ranked 90 on Amazon for that category.

That’s a major difference. And it puts me in a very complicated position. I have a great e-Commerce site. It looks good, it feels good. [it smells good. Wait it doesn’t have smell. ] Transactions do happen.  Except, when I saw my BSR rank going down on Amazon, I quickly redirected my shop page, to a secondary page, which showed all my products, and those products each redirected to their specific listing on Amazon. And by doing this, my customers funnel to Amazon, which then buy my products, and I can increase my bsr per product on amazon, by increasing the sales per product.

Whew… and it was a sigh of relief. I slowly saw improvements to my bsr restore, and it was good.

When you sell on your e-commerce site -it’s 1 less sale for your amazon, and perceived value to amazon.

Yes…having Amazon as your only channel is risky.

The way to go about all of this, is continue funneling traffic from all the various sources like Youtube Facebook, Instagram, Influencers to your websites shop page. And then from there you can set up a redirect to another page on your site, which is all your amazon products, that redirect to their amazon individual pages.

It sounds a bit confusing in that sound byte, but just re-wind and it’ll make sense.

Currently the downsides of redirecting traffic to Amazon are as follows:

  • More dependent on Amazon
  • No instant payments…must wait your 2 weeks from Amazon
  • Customer email collection, phone numbers
  • Setting up combination purchases
  • Risk customer going on Amazon only to buy someone elses product.

On the last note. The trick here is, use your affiliate product link when sending users to Amazon. If they do buy someone elses product, you still earn 6-15% of it…which is better than nothing.

So what will you do? Till next time guys,

David Aladdin Out.

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