AS 70: How to build a brand better – Case Study of Trader Joes (Re-Listen AS 61)

04 Nov 2016

How do you build a brand better you ask? You analyze the brands that work! In this episode we analyze Trader Joes. I think this episode deserves a re-listen, to engrain it into our minds,  not just build a brand, but how to build a brand better. This is probably my favorite amazon podcast. Enjoy.

So I went into Trader Joes today to buy flowers for my friend’s girlfriend. I figured if I got the best white orchids earthly possible, she would fall into my arms, and leave him. Yep I was pulling the sneaky SWITCH-ER-OO.

In all honesty, he’s actually out of state. Today was her birthday, and I was actually on a mission for him to surprise her with flowers from me.

At first thought, I was going to go to Walmart. But my actual girlfriend, said, TraderJoes has way better flowers than both Publix, Walmart and they’re also cheaper. So I was intrigued. I’m not a big fan of Trader Joes mainly because it doesn’t have everything I Walmart or the “Publix shopping centers” that we have here in florida.

And so I journeyed to Trader Joes, some 5-6 minutes away. As I’m pulling into the parking lot, I noticed just a huge flurry of activity. Trader Joes, was extremely busy. The parking lot was packed to the brim. Customers walking back and forth, left and right. What is going on here!

I  walk in through the front door, and literally I’m hit with just a massive presentation scenery. Orange pumpkins as I walk in. Fresh flowers and scents to the right. Fresh produce along the walls. Literally,the greatest presentation of products that I have ever seen. There is something happening here that Walmart, Publix, Shop-in-stop and every grocery store I’ve ever been to is missing. There is literally magic in that store.

I felt like I was in Hogwarts, and experiencing a different world. It was why the store was churning like a well oiled engine. The funny part about it, the experience is duplicated around the United States. Some how, Trader Joes has figured out how to build a massive corporate chain while creating the feeling that you are in this thriving home-town market place.

I bring this story to you guys because this is truly a magnificent brand. It’s a brand of culture, thought, and art, crafted into an experience of buying groceries. Theres a reason why my girlfriend loves Trader Joes, over these other brands.

Trader Joes has found a weakness in the market. They goal is to bring back the love and feeling that you get when market, rather than a corporate store like Walmart.

If you go into Walmart, and then you go into Trader Joes, you’re experience is completely different. Besides the presentation of the products, I also noticed something I’ve never seen in grocery store

The employees behaved entirely different. In Walmart, it looks like every employee hates to work there. They look miserable. No offense, but if you’re a Walmart employee just admit it.

In Trader Joes, the employees morale is off the roof. They are all over the place like Santa’s Elves. Adjusting man made labels on each product. Some are working in the flowers section. Some are giving fresh coffee tastes out. And each one of them is doing is with a sort of energy, of santa elf energy. It’s hard to explain with words, but I think I was just in Santas workshop.

There is a trickle down of quality from Trader Joes all the way to the employees. When you start your brand with expectations high, quality high, the spirits go high, and the experience of shopping is brought back, to an enjoyable experience.

The point is, LETS BE the Trader Joes. Lets build brands full of magic, where customers fill our store fronts, and come back for more. It’s definatley possible, but it starts with your first product, and culture that YOU as a founder create.

Now for your Amazon News Flash briefing

What does this mean David?

I think Amazon has finally woken up a sleeping giant… Walmart is this huge juggernaut, that has now woken up. bought for 3 Billion. I believe this FlipCart transaction will go through as well. I also believe more acquisitions are coming. I think Walmart has a hitlist of at least 6-10 e-commerce semi giants, that it will take over in the next 5 years, and they will synergize them all to help stay releveant. Will it work? Only time will tell!
That’s all for this podcast guys.

I’m David Aladdin, out.



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