AS 71: How I improved my Amazon Seller Feedback from 91% to 100% – Removing Amazon Seller Feedback Step by Step

08 Nov 2016

In this episode, I go into how I improved my seller feedback score from 91% to 100%


This episode we talk in-depth strategies for improving your seller metrics which initially was prompted due to episode 65 – How my entire account got suspended on Amazon and How I was Unsuspended.

In my suspension letter, I had stated my metrics, of which my customer feedback for the last 90 days was sitting at 91%. I thought at the time that was a pretty good rating.

After the suspension, I did a complete reanalysis of my account, 91% is not good enough. I wanted 100% seller feedback happiness, and yes it’s possible.

There’s a lot of services that automatically remove seller feedback. The problem is, I think they overcharge big time. In my state of panic, I investigated how they did it, as well as how to do it without a subscription. It is actually extremely easy to do, and here are the steps.

Step 1. Determine the negative seller feedback.

 You can do this by going into Performance -> Feedback -> View all feedback. Look up the order id for each negative feedback.






Step 2: Open a case.

Now I thought this was going to be frustrating and extremely tedious. It’s not.
Go into Help > Contact us > Selling on Amazon > Customers and Orders > and then paste that order # in.

Step 3. Amazon automatically pulls that order up. > Then you should  Select Customer Feedback Removal Request

The review will show. And 99.9% of the time, the negative seller feedback will not even be about you as a seller. It’s probably about your product, and an issue they had with it. Or it may be about FBA fulfilment. 

If it is about anything other than you the seller…or they included product details in the seller feedback, then Amazon will remove it.

Not only that, I’d say about 80% of the time, Amazon removes it automatically without you submitting a support ticket. They’ve created an algorithm that can detect if seller feedback violated their terms of service, which automatically removes it if the machine learning process deem it violate amazon tos. This algorithm only processes your feedback, if you go through the steps I just mentioned. I’ve detailed it in the show notes…its 2 steps and can be done for each feedback.

Now if Amazon’s algorithm doesn’t automatically do it, you’ll need to submit a support ticket. This is where it gets even more interesting.

Submitting a support ticket for seller feedback is very straight forward. Same process as above, except you get redirected to file that ticket.

You will be prompted to select the reason why this seller feedback violates Amazon’s TOS. Select the following:

  • Product feedback: The entire feedback is a product review.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) feedback – The entire feedback is regarding fulfillment or customer service for an order fulfilled by Amazon.

And then you are prompted to give a reason. I have a cookie cutter response for each removal, hotkeyed into my keyboard, and that response goes exactly like this:

The customer reviews makes reference to the product and the fulfilled by amazon experience. We would kindly request this feedback be removed as it violates the Amazon Feedback Guidelines.

And within the hour, the review is analyzed by Amazon customer support in India. 99.9% of the time that seller feedback review is removed, as it does violate the TOS.

This entire process, seems tedious. But it’s really not. When I had 91% customer seller feedback, I went through all my feedback, ran through this exact process, which took me all about 30 minutes. There was probably 40-60 seller feedbacks that were completely unrelated to my seller performance.

I also noticed there is no limit to how many tickets you can file in regards to this. I had at least 40-60, no issues as I was cleaning house. It is your right to do so. Knowledge was key here.

And by the way this is a completely white-hat method to removing all your negative seller feedbacks.

So why is this all important. Seller feedback plays a major role into selling on Amazon. It can directly affect how many units you sell on Amazon. A seller with a higher feedback rating, will be placed higher in amazon search rankings. I’ve noticed that once I improved it to 100%, my ranking and unit velocity went up as well. Coincidence? I doubt it.

In addition, your status to sell on Amazon is mostly reliant on this number. Amazon only cares about how well you treat their customers, and your seller feedback is a direct metric to how much you care about them. The problem is, their system is not fully understood by the customers buying products, and often too many times, customers can take their frustration about a product and mention it in seller feedback.

So in total, I went from 91% customer seller feedback, to 100% seller feedback score. One last golden nugget. This one time, my support ticket to get a seller feedback review removed didn’t work. I did the above process, I resubmitted it a few days later, and the second time I did it, they removed it. So if your 100% sure it violates Amazon TOS, just resubmit it, a different person will review that case, and it will get removed.

That’s all for now I guys. I hope this episode helped tremendously!

Tomorrow on the show I’ll have Tim Werkley has 125,000 square foot facility with over 60 employees and manages his own fulfillment center.

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Now for your Amazon News Flash, to get you all caught up:
PetSmart Adds Same-Day Delivery in Battle with Amazon

I was more intrigued by the new startup called Deliv. I looked further into it, and was curious how a startup could deliver same day delivery. I feel like they came out of nowhere, and are able to level the playing field. This partnership between PetSmart and Deliv is just the beginning of many partnerships for Deliv if they can DELIVER what they are promising.

On Deliv’s about page, it states that they are “… a passionate group of serial Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and we’re excited to disrupt the world of retail to solve the “last mile” ecommerce problem.

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