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AS 73: How I’m ranking to next Apple and Samsung – Ranked in Top 5 on Amazon in Major Category

16 Nov 2016

Today’s podcast is episode 73 and your listening to How I’m ranking next Apple and Samsung by building the best most powerful amazon listings.

We’re to go into deep into detail on how I’m copywriting my Amazon listings and how I’ve grown my products to rank in the top 5 of some of the largest Amazon categories. I’m in a very generic category, facing corporations, and century old behemoths who easily pull 60 million or more in yearly revenue. The good thing is, they’re not too tech savvy when it comes to Amazon. And that’s where I’m gaining the edge on them… specifically leveraging tools that’ I’ve built that understand process big data.

To put it into context, if I was selling mobile phones, I’m ranking next to Samsung and Apple.

It has gotten pretty crazy.  This episode has been much awaited, and I’ve held back on going into deep detail until my tools were at a certain threshold of power that could take any amazon listing, and turn it into a kings listing.

And they are really powerful.

I believe that the key to building the best Amazon listings requires leveraging massive amounts of data, so big data +  and deciphering which data is most releveant for your listing using smart algorithms.

So this is where it gets exciting. So lets say I’m building a listing for a new mobile phone that I’m selling.

I will use Word Hammer, which is like merchant words but on steroids. It allows me to query any keyword, and it returns me over 1000 of the best keywords with the most volumetric search keywords.

So when I type in mobile phone into word hammer, it’s showing me over 1000 results, with the most popular keywords searched on amazon being:

boost mobile phones – 450,000
t mobile phones – 368,000
mobile phone – 246000
mobile phone case–  27100


How Amazon keywords churn out.


Those are pretty surprising results. You think iphone or android would search higher, but it doesn’t.  That being said, these 4 strings of keywords, all need to be part of your amazon listing, in the title, in the bullets, description, and the search results fields with 5000 characters allowable..

In my opinion, and from my testing, sprinkling the highest volumetric keywords in each location will rank you better, for high searched ranked terms.

So in other words, the keywords that are type in the most into Amazon, that related to your product will perform the best.

And with word hammer, you can quickly build your product listings directly with the results. You can select the highest 10, 100, or 1000, and directly send it to our amazon list building tool called Keyword King.

So instead of adding keywords that you think will do good, your using big data, to determine the highest searched keywords, and integrating that into multiple sections of your product listing.

Now here’s where it gets even more interesting. I’ve build word hammer to leverage both amazon and google data separately. So when you query “mobile phone” for google, you actually get different results, and even though they’re different, they perform very good as well from what I’ve noticed.

So why’s this crazy.

Well instead of building your Amazon listing with keywords you think are good, you now are using the best keywords from the 2 most powerful search engines, amazon and google, and populating your listing in the 3 key areas:

1. Title


3. Search Result keywords


See how Google churns out different keywords.


And that’s what I’ve done with these tools. When they get sent over to Keyword King, the product listing builder, it will processes all the keywords respectively. For titles, it allows dashes and special characters, whereas with search term fields, it doesn’t allow special characters, commas dashes. By doing these little things it allows you to manage, and re-create your amazon listings better, faster, and super optimized.

So every time you send 1000 keywords into search terms of keyword king, it automatically removes duplicates, punctuation, commas and so on.

And so this allowed me to focus on filling my product listing to the max, while picking the top keywords to fully generate keywords related to what I’m selling. And has helped me rank among the likes of companies like Apple and Google.

The other thing that I’ve been doing is taking my ppc reports from inside seller central > reports tab > advertising reports > and tehn search term report. I will drag and drop my reports into PPC Armory, which is another tool, that deciphers the search report for me, and picks the highest volumetric performing keyword and sends it to my product list builder.

This whole process happens relatively quickly, but by doing so, My ppc starts to perform better, because I’m telling it, that my listing Is related to these keywords that I am now advertising for. So by integrating my best performing ppc keywords into my title, my bullets, my description and search terms, it creates this quad effect that benefits your ppc campaigns by telling amazon your releveant to what your trying to advertise for.

So now amazon ppc is working well. Your amazon listing is now primed to show up for higher ranked keywords rather than assumption based keywords. Your now leveraging data in a methodical way that will almost guarantee you higher positions, and higher rankings.

The other cool thing I do and it’s a golden nugget, is I reverse the process. I will take less volumetric keywords if I’m in a very competitive niche, and apply them to my listing, targeting long tail keywords, keywords that have multiple words in combination.

Most of these keywords are not utilized at all by sellers, so they are easy to grab and dominate while also increasing your overall traffic to that listing.

Migrating my data to amazon list builder – Keyword King:

Most amazon seller tools out there, will tell you about listing and how it’s performing in respect to rank..

This however, has a direct effect on your sales, profit, and traffic.

My next step is I check performance of how I did. How did my listing BSR change after I did all these product listing changes. So that’s where War room comes into place. It tracks all the updates you do inside of the product listing builder too, and you can now know if your BSR went up or down. In addition I monitor the top keywords I’m going for, and where I rank on Amazon in respect to that.

Tracking my performance inside the War Room of changes on my listing (example):


Tracking my keyword rank changes on a keyword basis: (keyword):


This allows me to remove bad keywords from my product listing all together, and go for new ones. Sometimes it’s not possible to rank for a generic keyword.

Anyways, I hope you guys loved this podcast.

Till next time,

David Aladdin out.






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