AS 27: Amazon PPC Strategies Interview with Taylor Benterud, PPC Consultant

09 May 2016

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This episode is full of Amazon PPC gold nuggets! Today on the show we have Taylor Benterud, an expert in Amazon Private Label PPC, aka pay-per-click. Taylor has worked with businesses tweaking and improving their PPC, in addition to their listings. In this podcast, live periscope interview, you’ll learn a ton!

Strategies discussed in this podcast:

  • Amazon Private Label PPC
  • Amazon PPC Strategies
  • Default Bid suggestions
  • Amazon PPC Tools discussion
  • Amazon search term reports & validating results
  • Title optimization
  • 5 things you need to do with the search term reports
  • Singular vs plural in search terms
  • 5000 characters strategies
  • Manual, broad, and phrase strategies – the triple trifecta
  • Bleeding keywords to successful keywords

Questions answered:

  • How to fill up all 5000 keywords in Amazon search backend?
  • How to effectively manage your ppc campaigns?
  • How to sell more products on Amazon?
  • How to deal with lawsuits on Amazon?
  • How to improve keyword relevancy?
  • How to do auto campaigns in Amazon?
  • HOW to use search term reports on Amazon, and how to manage them effectively in Amazon?

For calculating Break even ACOS %

(Average per unit cost of selling on amazon commission ) + (Average per unit cost of amazon fulfillment ) + ( cost per unit of manufacturing the product ) + ( cost per unit to prep , and ship to FBA ) ÷ selling price of the product on amazon X 100

So in column V cell 1 type in “Total Profit” then in the box below that ( cell V2 ) you want to copy and paste this formula into it =P2-K2-(R2+S2)*12.84 this essentially just means: Total Sales – Total spend – ( Same SKU units + Other SKU Units ) * Total product Expenses per unit … And obviously you want to change 12.84 to whatever your total product expenses are per unit then hit “Enter” and you’ll see the total profit on that given keyword… To apply this to all keywords just double click bottom right corner or cell V2 and your spread sheet should present the total profit for every search term.

Copy and paste this formula into the second cell ( W2 ) =SUM(V2:V393)

V2:V393 just means you’re V2 being the first search term and V393 being the last in your search term report… so scroll down to the bottom of your search term report find out how many search terms your ranking for and replace 393 with that number > Then hit enter and you’ll see the total NET profit of your entire search term report !

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