AS:10 Amazon Seller Entrepreneur – Are you one?

31 Jan 2016

So what’s the big secret that gets you ahead. How do you gain advantage over your competitors? This topic is about the big secret that gets you ahead…being the Amazon Seller Entrepreneur.

What is the Amazon Seller Entrepreneur, you ask! It’s the entrepreneur that can do every step of his private label. EVERY fricken step. I’ll term the work Amazon Seller Entrepreneur, and call these folks ASE. An ASE can and will do all of the following:

1. Source his product
2. Communicate and build solid relationships with his manufacturers
3. Design his product after teaching himself how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
4. Go to the bank and setup his business bank account. Set his LLC up. Register using legal zoom for his trademarks to get things moving faster.
5. He will receive his product samples from his manufacturer and the before buying his full batch, make slight modifications after finding slight improvements and tweaks where necessary.
6. He will constant keep checking how he can improve his product so he can sell more ultimately
7. He will learn PPC tricks and secrets constantly, without outsourcing it to someone else. He understands that the key to success. If his PPC efforts fail, he will find someone with higher skill at it but only after looking at every possible resource there is on PPC.
8. He takes criticisms and negative feedbacks serious, responds graciously and pushes for 5 star feedback all the time.
9. When he gets his products, he does the photography, the Photoshop tweaks and teaches himself how to improve photos etc.
10. He teaches and analyzes successful product copy, and applies noticeable things other great sellers are doing.
An ASE will learn every aspect of his business just in case he needs to expedite, or get something done faster. By knowing every area of the business, you can get launch a product from A to Z, efficiently, and also to your expectations. You don’t need to wait a week for a turnaround time.

For example, when my products came in, and I needed to do photos for them, I didn’t pass them off to some photographer and he’d charge me $200. Why the heck would you pay $200 for photos, when you can get a high end Nikkon 3300 to take very high quality photos of your products for $299. I got this camera refurbished from Ebay, and this cost is one time. Not only that, I’m not waiting weeks on my photos to have turnaround. I also can get the exact angles and lighting I want.

BY knowing all the phases – like Photoshop, which isn’t even a hard program to learn, I can adjust photos based on performance, remove negative areas, and tweak based on how I expect them to be.  Turnaround time goes from 1 -2 weeks to 30 minutes. That’s crazy, that’s important, and if my competitor, your screwed. You can’t compete against that.

You need to train yourself how to learn photoshop, and cut corners that drag your timeline out. Sure you can pay others to do it if you are doing wildly successful, or you don’t care about your product that much, but ask yourself, What would Steve Jobs do. To be at the top, you need to be #1. Not #2, or #3.

Everyone always says, Amazon is super oversaturated. I believe every category, EVERY category, is up for the taking. I jumped into a very, very competitive niche, and I’m slowly dominating, because I put my 150% into the game. I know I’m better than them. I’m building an authority site. I’m constantly improving my product, and my product listing, and I’ve become an expert in my product label.

Build to be great and build by envisioning your product as #1. We are here for such a short time on this planet, let’s leave our mark in sands of time.

Hope you guys enjoyed this podcast… and if you did, you can help give back by answering some questions on I am building the biggest database of answers and questions, discovering what works the best, and what doesn’t. Together we can grow, learn, and be kings of our niches.

“Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.

David Aladdin out.

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