A-Z Claim Filed INSTEAD of Return Request; Now on Metrics...What to Do?


Hi all;

Got a question for the A-Z experts; to see if there’s anything that can be done at this point to remove this from my metrics. Not sure who to contact but in this case it’s a 100% incorrectly filed claim. Here’s the story:

  • I receive notification that an A-Z claim has been filed for an order that arrived damaged. Have not been contacted at all by customer; or through Amazon message; no return requests have been made. This is the first I’m hearing about any problems. CS has opened this claim without following their own rules. I represent with the following:

This claim has been improperly filed. The customer is claiming that the item-although packed properly- arrived damaged. The customer did NOT follow Amazon’s stated procedure for damaged shipments; we have received no contact from this customer with regard to this order.

This may be verified by checking the message thread; which will show no messages regarding this order. If we had been notified properly of the damaged shipment; we would have been more than happy to either refund or send a replacement item as per Amazon’s regulations.

According to Amazon’s own policy (viewable here :; an A-Z Guarantee Claim may be filed when ALL of the following conditions are met: You can file a claim when all of the following applies: 1. You have contacted the third-party seller through Your Account. 2. You have waited two business days for a response. 3. Your request meets one of our A-to-z Guarantee conditions below.

Please deny and remove this claim as the first step was not followed AT ALL in this situation. It is unfair and against Amazon’s own A-Z policy to penalize a seller who has not been given the chance to fix an issue with an order. Thank you for your consideration.

Then I get an email (not an Amazon message) that reads as follows:


We have reviewed the details of this claim and determined that the buyer is eligible to return order XXX.

Within 3 business days, please email this information to the buyer at and cc

    • Order number in the subject line
    • Return address
    • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number (if applicable)
    • Details of pre-paid return label (if applicable)
    • If you issued a partial refund, please explain why
    • Other information (e.g. tracking information for a replacement item)

If you do not contact the buyer within 3 business days, we may charge the claim to your account.

You will have 5 days after you receive the return to inspect the item and issue a full refund for the order.

Please contact us right away if there is a problem with the return. If you do not issue a refund and do not contact us within 5 days, we may charge the claim to your account.

I respond to this email with the following:


I have no issues with issuing a full refund of the purchase price (the item is a two part set and is not useable without both parts). This is what I would have done had the proper channels been followed and a return request filed for the item arriving damaged.

HOWEVER; I am concerned that if I do issue a refund that the A-Z claim will remain on my record and count against my metrics. To the best of my knowledge; an A-Z Claim does not affect metrics ONLY if it is either denied or withdrawn. If I issue a refund then the case will be “closed”; but will appear as I was at fault; and have admitted as much, because a refund was issued. The claim will continue to impact me negatively.

I need to get an explanation of how this claim will be handled henceforth; and what steps to follow to ensure that I can both make things right with the customer and issue their refund…as well as have the claim either denied or withdrawn.

Next message is that the claim has been “resolved” and the customer has been refunded by Amazon. All this occurred on 8/26. Have been checking metrics and the claim shows on my metrics as of today 9/14.

Is there anything that could be done at this point to get this removed? I mean….TOTALLY did not give me a chance to fix the issue of the damaged shipment.

If so; who to contact and how?

Thanks in advance!!

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Did you reply with the return instructions? If so and the item was return you refund and take the hit. If it wasn’t returned then you would have won.

Did you lose because you kept asking questions or fighting with amazon?

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Claim probably won’t be removed. We had a A-z filed within 45 minutes of an order being placed, requesting order cancellation by a CSR, clearly outside of A-z policy. Amazon would not remove the claim from our metrics.
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