Account suspended after changing business information


Maybe someone can shed some light onto this.

I’m currently an individual seller and we had the intention of getting into pro January 2017.

During the weekend I was changing our business information, name and email accounts via seller central.
While I switched back to inventory in Seller Central I noticed a flag with account suspended.
I didn’t receive at that point in time any email and I emailed amazon regarding this.

That’s when I first found out my account was suspended and for what reason.

Amazon indicates:
“You have opened a new account after we removed your option to sell on our site. This is against our policies. As a result, you may no longer sell on, and your listings have been removed from our site.”

I didn’t open a new account, I always used one UID and there is no other UID.
Up until I change the business information I was able to sell and account was in good standing.

Why would a business name or email account change trigger this action?

I emailed amazon performance and I keep getting the same reply back that I opened up a new account.


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Do not worry about your IP.

Ours changes several times a month and again every time the router is powered down. There is no realistic way to track IP usage with the possible exception of logging out of one account and immediately into another on the same computer/ip.

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Amazon might do it as a precaution in case your account gets hacked and can always reinstate it at anytime. When these Hackers get into your account they start changing banking information, business address, and business name. I believe amazon has security measures in place to stop this.

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