Amazon Retail has hijacked my listing, changed my pictures and description.


My product, ASIN:B016H3T8EC has been taken control of by Amazon Retail. it has been 10 days since they took control of my product page. My product The Ripple Rug, is something i invented, manufacturer and ship myself. I am the sole Manufacturer in the world of this product. My pictures and descriptive text were very demonstrative of my product, it must be seen to understand its many features.

The Ripple Rug has been a #1 best seller for the entire year. We have a finely tuned offering and excellent pictures. Amazon Retail has stepped in and ‘dumbed down’ my listing remove all my current pictures, leaving just one of the original pictures from a year ago. As a direct result of Amazon Retail interference my sales have dropped significantly.

We are a week away from Black Friday. Amazon Retail has overrided my ability to make any kind of holiday offer for my product. We are seller fulfilled, not Prime. We had been using FBA until may when i discovered Amazon employees were stealing my product and selling it on the side.

I have called Amazon at least 5 times, emailed a handful of time. no one can give me a straight answer as to why Amazon Retail is now controlling my page and why they made it less enticing to generate sales.

My sales are continually dropping since the day they took over. All of my information is in seller central including my pictures, yet i am being overridden by Amazon Retail.

what is Amazon retail? does anyone know what they are? apparently they are like the big dog and can override anything and cannot be overridden by seller support. i need some advise form anyone with any idea about this topic.

The big question is: why would Amazon take a #1 best seller for the entire year, having shipped just over 11,000 of my one product and ‘dumb down’ my listing to cause less sales? We are about to be in the biggest selling week of the year and Amazon has stripped me of any capability to change my product offering. The only thing i could do was raise my price to drive people away from my Amazon store until i get back control of my listing. (i have two sku’s so i am not breaking the rules).

i feel this is Amazons way of trying to get me off the top of the best sellers list as they only want prime products up there.

this is very suspicious anti-competitive behavior. Is this practice legal, forget policy, i believe this is actually against the law?

any insight would be much appreciated, seller support all have a different story every time i call and each one says they will expedite it. nothing has happened.

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Amazon Retail :
The selling side of Amazon. As a manufacturer you can sell to Amazon through Vendor Central/Express

Amazon Retail content control :
This can occur :

  • If you previously sold this product to Amazon Retail
  • If Amazon had to edit violation content on your ASIN
  • and other reasons. (which I have no idea of but what they state)

So possibly something on the page violated policy …
Someone has told Amazon that they can get them to sell to Amazon

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Create a case with the correct pictures. Make sure they are compliant.

Call up and ask for catalog and feeds. Explain in detail the issue and let them fight it out with Retail.

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