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Is there a way for me to change my handling times on all 6,000 of my active listings without have to go through each listing one at a time and change the current handling that I have set

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There is no place within your global settings that allows you to change the value. If you are an Individual Seller (not paying the $39.99 monthly fee) then your only option is to click the ‘Edit’ button on each of your listings and on the ‘Offers’ tab set your ‘Handling Time’ (now called ‘Production Time’) and ‘Save’. If you are a Professional Seller then you have the ability to change them through an Inventory upload spreadsheet.

NOTE: For Media Items, you will not see ‘Handling Time’ on the ‘Offer’ tab when editing or listing a product. Amazon has all sellers set to 2 business days.

I have outlined the steps below for you if you are a Professional Seller and want to use the upload option.
Create an Active listing report
Go To: Inventory – > Inventory Reports
Request and Download report
Open it in EXCEL or OpenOffice
The SKUs from this report is what you are going to need
Create your upload spreadsheet
Go To: Inventory -> Add Products via Upload
Click on “Download Template”
Find and Click on “Price & Quantity” and download it
Open it in EXCEL or OpenOffice
The ‘Price & Quantity file’ will have the following columns:
SKU: copy “seller-sku” column from Active listing report
Price: copy “price” column from Active listing report
minimum-seller-allowed-price: Leave Blank
maximum-seller-allowed-price: Leave Blank
Quantity: copy “quantity” column from Active listing report
leadtime-to-ship: Put in the value in Days you wish to have
Save your ‘Price & Quantity file’ as CSV – text file ( specify tab separated )
Now, upload your CSV File:
Go to: Inventory -> Add products via Upload
Select file to Upload -> Price and Quantity File
Upload the file you just created and saved
Changes should take less than 15 minutes but depending on server load, we have seen this take upwards of 30 minutes before.

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The method MAV-DAK explains is the way to go, I have done this. As an additional word of caution, make sure you do not have any orders that go into or out of pending after you download the Active listings report and before your upload of the revisions are confirmed as this will result in incorrect inventory for any such items.

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