Buyer wants to return the item after 30 days.


Hi , I m a private seller that sold a mobile phone on September 26 2016. The item was delivered on September 27 2016 .
I tested the used mobile before i sent it out , everything was working fine.
Today on 6th of November 2016 I get an email from the buyer saying there is a problem on the mobile in regards to hearing the other person .

Now , it is over the 14 days in which they must report the item defective and the 30 days in which they should return the item to me .

If I accept the return , I have to 1. get the item repaired , 2. list the item again probably in worse condition.
Basically I will lose a lot of money .

I rang amazon and asked what I should do and the adviser said to explain to the buyer that since it is past 30 days they should contact the manufacturer.
Now im worried as I have never had a return request before.
Need some advice.


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Did you offer any kind of warranty with the phone or stipulate that a return would not be accepted after a certain period of time?

Don’t forget that Buyers have 90 days from the original order date to file an A-Z claim.

A-Z claims and negative feedback affect your metrics so tread carefully.

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30 days?
There’s a problem – the time period is much longer than 30 days if there is a fault.

The buyer contacts you – its for you to repair or replace. The buyer has rights, regardless of how fair you feel they are.
Put yourself in their shoes, if you purchased something and it developed a fault would you just grin and bear it or try and get your money back/ repair?

You might want to read up on your responsibilities and buyers rights before selling.

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