Can anyone tell me if there is a minimum quantity for the invoices to be accepted? Do i need to have a minimum order from the supplier?


I’m trying to get ungated for the health an beauty category and going to follow 3 invoice option advise.
Can anyone tell me if there is a minimum quantity for the invoices to be accepted? Do i need to have a minimum order from the supplier?

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I think its subjective and depends on which ungating agent you get. I was told to just be sure to order an amount that shows to be reasonably more than one person would order. ie: 12 bottles of shampoo, 20 lipsticks etc.

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Just try it again and then you will find the solution of it.

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Ungated – Grocery, Health, and Beauty!
Here is how I did it! BY: CHRISTINE
1. Created an account with allenbrothers –

  1. On the abdelivers website I clicked on “Wholesale to Public Enter Here”.
    3. While the abdelivers webpage is open, I opened another page for Amazon
    as if I were a buyer.
    4. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH! I used the following steps in each
    category; Grocery, Health and Beauty.
    a) Once you have entered the wholesale page of abdelivers, click on
    b) Start looking through all the different categories abdelivers has to
    c) Find a product you are interested in purchasing. Click “view” next
    to the product for more product detail. One of the products I
    choose was Lipton tea 100 count, item number 818615.
    d) Go over to Amazon and select “Grocery & Gourmet Food” from the
    dropdown menu. Now type in the EXACT item you are looking to
    purchase from abdelivers. For me, I typed in “Lipton Tea 100
    e) Find the EXACT product you are looking for on Amazon. The
    Amazon product and abdelivers product have to match. This was
    f) From Amazon, write down the product UPC and ASIN, along with
    how the product is titled on Amazon. Also make note of the
    abdelivers product number. So for the Lipton Tea this is what I
    wrote down:
    Amazon title: Lipton Black Tea Bags, 100 ct.
    UPC 041000002878
    AB Item # 818615
    g) I chose 3 individual yet different products per category. So, I had 3
    different products for Grocery, 3 different products in Health, and
    3 different products in Beauty. This is a total of 9 different
    5. I called abdelivers to place my first order. I asked them to place my
    Amazon business name on the actual invoice, along with the email
    address I have registered with for my Amazon seller account. I also had
    them include my EIN.
    6. I made three separate orders. My first order, along with the next two
    orders, this is how/what I ordered:
    a) One Grocery product with a quantity of 15.
    a) One Health product with a quantity of 15.
    b) One Beauty product with a quantity of 15.
    7. Each invoice/order from abdelivers had different products. No order was
    the same.
    a) Once I had all my paper invoices in hand I made copies of each
    invoice. I photocopied each invoice 3 times, so I ended up with a
    total of 9 pieces of paper – 3 for Grocery, 3 for Health, and 3 for
    b) For all 9 copies I took a black sharpie and blacked out what I paid,
    including the shipping and total.
    c) For the Grocery invoices, I used a black sharpie and crossed out
    all the product information that was not related to Grocery. So,
    the Health product I ordered and the Beauty product I ordered on
    this invoice I crossed out. I was left with 3 invoices for Grocery,
    only showing Grocery Products. I did this for each category.
    d) Then I wrote in the Amazon info. I gathered during research. I
    wrote right on the invoice the following info. Do this for each
    invoice, for every product.
    Amazon Info.
    Grocery & Gourmet Food
    UPC ######
    ASIN #####
    9. Now comes the easy part – request approval in your category!
    10. I applied for all three at the same time. I applied on a Sunday evening.
    11. I took pictures of each invoice, all 9 of them.
    12. I was only allowed to upload one invoice when I first applied in each
    category. I was then contacted for each category requesting that I submit
    more documentation. I then responded to each request and uploaded all
    three invoice (including the initial invoice I applied with) pictures with
    my response email.
    13. I got approved in Grocery, Health, and Beauty doing all of the above.
    This was a process! But SO worth it! Please let me know if you need any additional
    Things to think about…
    **Remember, products have to have been purchased all with in the last 90 days. So,
    you could do one order a month for three months if need be.
    **Try choosing products you can either break even on, or can use at home.
    **Again, this is all part of doing business and can be “written off” at the end of tax
    season as a cost of doing business.
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I ordered beauty products from the same wholesaler and send them email to split the order in 3 different invoices. No answer back. I called them and the computer transfered me to an voicemail. I let them message to split the order in 3 invoices and all i got was only one invoice. I called them back twice and no answer so i had to open a dispute from discover credit card and it is still in progress. I can’t stand their customer service.

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