Can You Transfer Your Business to Someone Else?


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I’m posting this question because I’ve had conflicting responses to whether an Amazon seller can transfer their business to someone else and not violate Amazon policies”.

I know someone who sold their Amazon business (FBA) in the Health & Beauty category, and they invited the new Buyer to log in to their account and change their account info: email address, surface address, credit card info, bank deposit info.
The transition of sale and seller info from their dashboard inside Seller Central went through with no issues and that was about seven months ago. I know this is still being done.

However, I did a search on Amazon regarding their policies on this and here’s what they have posted:

“Seller accounts generally are not transferable. Seller accounts provide access to the tools and resources that sellers use to list their products and manage their orders. Seller accounts also include account activity history and buyer feedback. Every seller on Amazon must have a seller account and an agreement with Amazon that establishes the terms under which the seller lists and sells their products.

If the ownership of a business changes for any reason, the new owner needs to establish a new seller account.

If the ownership of a business isn’t changing, but the individuals responsible for managing the seller account have changed, you can add users to the account.”

This concerns me. I’m guessing that Amazon could shut down the new Buyer’s account as a result if they proceeded by using the same seller account, which was sold to them, but simply “edited” the seller account info. Yet, I know of several businesses, who have had no issues proceeding this way.

Does anyone have any feedback or know of anything regarding this from either first-hand or second-hand experience?

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It can be done if the business is structured under an LLC–then the Amazon accounts become an asset of the corporation and transferable to a new owner of the corporation.

As long as the bank accounts and email addresses remain the same–which would be transferred to the new corporate owner there should be no issues.

Do search the forums because for more info, but it can be done legally, but must be done correctl

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Transferring your business is different than transferring your account.

If you have someone else working for you, that is different than having new owners. You are talking about selling your business. That is not the same thing.

Seller accounts are not transferrable.

FBA inventory would need to be removed and shipped to the new seller. Besides, you should receive, consolidate, inspect, re-assess the value, negotiate the value, ship to the new owner who would ship it to Amazon under their account.

Goodwill is not really transferrable since Amazon owns the customers, anyway. The branding may have value, so the seller name could be updated on the existing account to allow the new owner to re-use the seller name.

You need to be very careful with this and so does the new owner. If you think you can just have them operate your account, you may be setting them up for a full-on business disruption that results in their suspension. There may also be historical issues related to taxation, creditors, and customer or supplier issues that could make that new owner liable and as a result make you liable for legal action from any problems that result with that new owner taking over your company.

The new owner would not be smart in buying that and you would not be smart in selling it.

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