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I want to ship my books into Amazon FBA UK. I can source alot of books cheeap. I am struggeling to get them into Amazon.

I have limited time so I want to make my preparation process as smooth as possible. That will be to buy the tools and equipment I need from (I don’t have time to shop for them)

I will ship boxes of 15kg with books. Can you recommend what I can buy from from the below list:

1. Scanner
2. Boxes
3. Printers (labels for the books and boxes).
4. Tape
5. Paper to print labels on.
6. Stuff to clean and prep the books with.
7. Anything else I didn’t mention.

Have a good day and week ahead!

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1. A scanner is probably not necessary – why do you need one?
2. If you really don’t want to find some free boxes from somewhere – I’ve found this is the perfect size. The same company sells on eBay at a slightly cheaper price though.
3. I use this – It’s perfect and I buy non-genuine toner on eBay. It comes with enough toner for 500 pages.
4. Scotch 3M Parcel Tape every time. eBay is cheaper (about £1 a roll is what you’re looking for). It’s 48mmx66m
5. – 5p a sheet.
6. No idea.
7. Possibly bubble wrap for packing boxes and wrapping books if you need to. Again, eBay is cheaper.
8. A tape gun dispenser. Once you get used to it it’s so much faster to pack boxes. This one is decent enough:
9. Normal sticky tape for sticking down UPS labels onto your box etc:

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We reuse old boxes plus buy some in wholesale – far cheaper than buying retail.
Rajapack do some decent boxes though lightning are cheaper.

Just be aware if sending multiple boxes, amazon do have a limit after which they expect the boxes to be on a pallet. A couple of large boxes may be fine per day, a dozen large boxes and they do have the capacity to return them.

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