FBS shipment half of the items missing


Last week we sent off 2 large boxes to FBA via UPS.
Only half of them were uploaded so I have gone to the new ‘reconcile’ tab and asked Amazon to look for the items.
Does anyone have an idea what happens next?

How long does it take them to find the items?
What happens if they can’t?
Do I need to get any more information together?
If the items are lost what levels of compensation we might expect?
Many thanks in advance for any advice you can offer

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I’ve had items go missing from both box deliveries and pallet deliveries to Amazon. Once you’ve raised the claim and sufficient time has passed (usually 72 hours from first scan of an item on that shipment) they will raise an investigation. Generally I’ve had a response back within a day or so to say they cannot find my items and will reimburse me to the value of what I would have received should I have sold them through FBA.

However, I have often found that ‘lost’ stock reappears a few days/weeks later and gets added to your inventory for sale but they then reverse what they had paid you for the ‘lost’ stock initially.

Bit of a pain but one way or another I’ve either been paid for the items or I’ve sold the items once added to inventory.

Hope this is somewhat helpful!

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Don’t know if UPS work the same way….

Around here we have a few hubs, wife and I used to work at Amtrack parcels sorting in their big hub.
At the end of the shift there were no parcels in the hub except those in cages/pallets awaiting collection, already sorted (maybe one or two trucks late), everything else that had come in was sorted and nothing left behind.
I would expect UPS to have their own methods of making sure parcels don’t hang about…
Not in their interest to hold onto parcels, you’d think by now they know how to deliver….? 🙂

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