Has anyone else had problems with the Exemption Request Form for GTIN?


I have been trying to get a code to list a book that I have that does not have an ISBN Number. It is a new book and doesn’t fall under the before 1973 rule. When responding to the message that Seller Central Support sends me, I cannot choose anything other than Branded Products. I have contacted Support 3 times and they keep referring me back to their form that doesn’t work. Any ideas?

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If a product already exists on Amazon it’s against the rules to create another page. Unlike eBay all sellers of the same item list on the same page.
If not in the ‘catalog’ and a new page is needed it either
Needs an identifier
-The Brand needs to get into Brand Registry so it can use something other than UPC/EAN/ISBN/etc.
Apply for exemption ….Eligible cases for GTIN exemption

1. Brand, manufacturer or publisher does not provide a GTIN for the products. For example, private label products, or hand-made products
2. Non-branded products that do not have GTINs. For example, wholesale products
3. Parts do not have a GTIN. For example, some automotive parts do not have a GTIN
4. Bundles do not have a GTIN. For example, customized bundles may not have a GTIN. To create bundles correctly, see Product Bundling Policy before requesting for a GTIN Exemption

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I can chose media products from the drop down menu.

This part is probably your problem

Support letter from brand owner, manufacturer or publisher
If you provide a support letter from brand owner, manufacturer or publisher, along with other required information, we will make a decision within two business days. The support letter must meet the below mentioned criteria:

It is clear and readable
Includes issuer’s name and contact information
States explicitly that they do not provide a GTIN for all the products, or products that you sell; or they accept customized products and do not have a GTIN
Includes your Physical Address, Phone Number, and Email Address or Website Address
Must be in English or the marketplace’s local language
You must get the publisher to fill out the template letter on that page,

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