Hi guys, I need your help...


I already ordered and inspected my product, a nice carpet, from a Chinese supplier and want to order 100 of them to Amazon.
The thing is that the carpet will be 2x2m (4m2)

Now I’m stuck – how to instruct my supplier so that they would send it to Amazon warehouse correctly?
He asks me about *port* where I want to ship it, but I need to send it directly to the warehouse.
I don’t know if I’m missing something.

I’m also not sure about the size of the carpet.
Here (…/FBA-Shipping-Inve…) I read:
“Boxes containing multiple Standard-Size units must not exceed 25 inches on any side.”

So I have two questions:
– how to pack and ship 100 carpets (which are 2 meters wide and long) correctly?
– how to ship it to Amazon warehouse (from China), so that it would meet all the requirements regarding the customs? What should I tell my supplier?

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