How to deal with highjackers?


1. Send a Cease & Desist letter to the seller immediately. Mine is very professional and pretty hard-hitting. That handles about 90% of the bastards.

2. If they do not take down their listing in 24 hours I then order one of their products. This is to prove that they are selling something other than my product / brand.

3. I send them another C&D, a bit more threatening.

4. Meanwhile, they are usually lowering their prices to win the buy box. So I have to play this ridiculous game of watching the buy box all damn day. I keep lowering my price one cent below theirs, which wins me back my own buy box. It’s like watching your lunch and swatting off flies as they land on it.

5. Once their product arrives, I take photos and file an infringement report with Amazon. Doing this before I physically receive the product has proven to be a complete waste of time, as Seller Performance just sends me a copy-paste BS letter about how they respect me but will do nothing to protect my listing until I can prove that what the seller is selling is not my product. Doesn’t matter than I’m brand registered, etc.

6. Wait for Seller Performance to do their job.

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All you can do is create packaging / branding that is difficult to duplicate. Amazon is set up to have multiple sellers selling the same product, it’s not set up for private sellers to showcase their own unique products in a private showroom. Amazon doesn’t care very much until you prove that the product being advertised is not the branded product.

So today the hijacker’s product finally came in and I took photos and wrote back to Seller Performance showing them it wasn’t my brand / package, etc.

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