I have a case to share. A customer bought an item from me which was shipped by FeDex from my country to her country.


I have a case to share. A customer bought an item from me which was shipped by FeDex from my country to her country. When the package arrived she refused to receive it and asking for a full refund. I told her that I would issue a partial refund. I will deduct a return shipping fee plus a 20% restocking fee.
The buyer refused to pay for anything. She said the package was sent back with the same person who delivered it and it’s still in its original packaging. I told that I could issue a full refund only to buyers who shipped the item back to us, but in this case she attempts to not receive it and of course FeDex does not return it back for FREE. I told her that if she felt that this was not fair, please contact Amazon customer service.
Before I sent several mails back and forth to this buyer. I asked for advises from Amazon first. After my last conversation with the buyer. Amazon called me and advised that I should not collect the restocking fee due to item arrived before expectant delivery date, but I can still deduct for return shipping fee because the buyer did not cancel the item on her end before it was shipped. I agreed with this solution, but in the meantime, the buyer submitted A-to-Z Guarantee Claims. I declare myself to Amazon and now waiting for the result.
The funny part was that the buyer told Amazon that the item was different from the listing. How does she know that if she did not even received the package?
What piss me off was that she immediately wrote a negative feedback that was half true. Here is what she wrote
“I want to warn about the (my shop name) I had to return the item, but they refused to give full refund and even charged extra money for back shipping. They treated me in a disrespectful manner and refused to give a refund four times and each time gave a different reason for that. They wanted to charge 20% restocking fee, although it was in its original package”
I was on the seller screen when this feedback came up. So I contact the customer service to remove it and they did itright away.
Has anyone been through something like this before? Sorry for writing so long and my English might not be so good. Just feeling so annoyed

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Unfortunately I have never ever won an A-Z claim, and so i now only refund, and take all financial damage on myself, its part of selling on Amazon.

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