Just got a strange Retail Arbitrage (not PL) question


Just got a strange Retail Arbitrage (not PL) question but I’m sure some of you might have had this before.

I’ve found an item that’s available in supermarkets here but amazon isn’t selling it yet so no Product Detail Page for this “specific” item available on amazon. However amazon is selling very similar items from the exact same Brand.

So basically what I’m hoping to sell is sort of a “family pack/ twin pack” version of a specific product brand but amazon sells the exact same thing without family pack/ twin pack.

Ex:- What Amazon is selling: Product “A” in a 100g box

What I’m hoping to sell: Product “A” in a 400g box (packaged by the original manufacturer, so not a product bundle created by me)

So my question is, since i’m going to sell this “family pack/ twin pack” product in amazon for the very first time, how am I going to add it to amazon?

I understand that if it was a product “bundle” created by me, I need to have my own UPC but in this case it’s an actual product available in the market, so how can I list this product on amazon?

Should I add it as a new product?

Am I supposed to get my own UPC or use the one from the original manufacturer? How or where can I check for this code on the product package box?

How am I going to find the ASIN? I believe this is needed to be added to amazon.

If someone could please guide me on this, I would really appreciate it!

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if that manufacturer packaging type is not in the amazon catalog already, sure you can add your own listing. The UPC/EAN should be somewhere outside packaging with a barcode, you can use that one. The asin number is assigned by amazon after you create the product listing. Hope that helps!

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