listing page title changed item and we sold out out inventory


any advice would be welcome.
listing page that i added inventory on a few months ago was for 1 unit of vinyl.
this morning some one changed it to 47 units…..a 140.00 difference in price.
in just a few minutes i sold all my one roll inventory out, over 600 units.
seeing to many sales i put my account on vacation but not quick enough.
i called support then to catalog team.
catalog team made change back with in moments and sent me a message in part stating

>As we discussed on the phone, another seller had incorrectly changed this title which lead to buyer confusion and multiple incorrect orders on your account. We were able to work together to correct the title

i now have 600 plus orders and many email from buyers that know this was a mistake and still bought it (great deal i would have also) asking me about the orders.
i sent a message to seller-performance…now waiting.
any advice….do i ship 1 roll as the listing states, cancel orders, or ?………
i do not think this was malicious just a mistake from a seller(or at least i hope so).

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The price you sold is $140 less than what the item actually sells for?

And you have 600 of those?

Start messaging mods…. is what I would do….

I don’t think you can get the help you need here as no other seller can help. Unfortunately.

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I had my account hacked way back when and the hacker did about the same thing to me.

I ended up canceling all the orders and seller performance didn’t count those cancellations on my record. The best outcome I could hope for.

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