My question is regarding reviews.


I have 7 units of my private label product in stock on Amazon. I am using this solely as a learning/trial experience. I have a few decent product photos up and my copy is good.
My question is regarding reviews. What I would like to do is to get a few honest reviews for a few of my units (let’s say 3 – I will give them away or run a promotion, it doesn’t matter to me), and then see if I can gain a bit of a rankings boost in Amazon and sell the other units naturally. However, I understand that Amazon does not want you to simply give away product in exchange for a review (unless the reviewer is explicitly stating that this was the arrangement IN their review). I am not sure if this is a good idea since it is so obvious as to why the reviewer is reviewing your product in the first place.
Basically I would like to know how you guys tackle the whole “reviews” thing – at least in a situation like this where you are simply trying to learn the ropes and use your knowledge for future products. I do not want to bother family/friends at this point. So, do you give away product as outlined above? Or do you run some kind of promotion and if so, how? (I do not know the details of running a new product promo on Amazon). I have seen a few people mention Review Kick on here, but I truly don’t know anything about it. Just looking for good advice/insight on how to proceed with this.

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