Please help. My valid tracking is showing 0% rate


Hello everyone,

I am having a pretty big problem. My account has dropped to fair as it shows that I have a valid tracking rate of 0%.

It says that I have only sold 33 items from the 10th to 17th (I have probably sold 2-300) and that I have upload tracking for none. The period before this it said I only uploaded 1/66 items. I am concerned as amazon may shut me down with metrics like these. I have uploaded tracking for nearly every order on time.

Anyone know what I should do? I called amazon a few days ago and never heard back regarding this issue, but I keep getting messaged like URGENT!! your rate is below 95% and we may shut you down and its scaring me.

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If your uploads were successful or not should show here:

Status: Done
Number of records processed from this upload: XXXX
Number of records that were activated: XXXX
Number of records with errors: 0

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