Return request from buyer, reason, ARRIVED TOO LATE - Incorrect address


Hi There,
Idea on process from here.

1.) Buyer messages, please send another item to a new address as I used incorrect one on first order (this is an international shipment) (first shipment has just cleared customs in the UK..)

2.) I reply. Please place another order, and we will ship ASAP. We can deal with the incorrect first order if and when it ever gets back to us (returns can take 8-10 weeks sometimes in this scenario, and usually cost me money)

3.) Customer starts RETURN – Reason – ARRIVED TOO LATE … actually the last day for delivery is around 12th Jan due to self fulfilling, and lets face it.. tracking shows he hasnt even got it yet (even at the wrong address)

My options on return are on the image.

What would YOU do ? I really dont want to simply click refund, because 1.) I may NEVER get the item back 2.) doing so, would send the buyer a clear message that this sort of behaviour is OK

I look forward to your input. Cheers

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Uh? Authorize the return request.

When item is returned refund.

In regards to shipping another, you did right. I would’ve done the same. Told them to ensure address desired was right and to complete checkout.

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What do you think is obviously wrong with Authorize Request?

All that does is authorize the return, and you will tell the buyer that you will refund as per Amazon policy AFTER the item has arrive back to you.

As the shipping window is still open, it is not a late delivery, so Amazon policy on a buyer discretionary return mandates that the buyer is responsible for return shipping,

You will be looking for the package and will refund promptly etc etc.

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