U.S.P.S. gone crazy!!


In the last two weeks or so I have had 10 LP RECORDS returned to me. No reason given, No stickers or stamps on the mailers.

I use white LP mailer boxes and place my return address stamp in top left corner. I write the customer’s address in large and legible black marker.

Most leave McMinnville, Ten. and go via Memphis and then bounce back and forth to eventually return to me.

Some never even reach the intended State and are re-routed through Memphis straight back to me.

My local P.O. has no explanation for this and trying to contact the P.O. and talk to a ‘real’ person is IMPOSSIBLE!!

The latest “suggestion” by my local P.O. is to drop the last four digits of the zip code and use only the first five!!

I am getting some angry customers and even with excellent metrics I am concerned that my business could be affected.

Anyone out there having similar problems and give me any clues as to what to do?

Incidentally I have sold on Amazon for over eight years, and only recently had this aggravating problem.

Best Regards,

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What mail class are you using? If Media Mail, if may be the victim of an over zealous under trained employee who does not know that LPs are media mail.

Regardless you should email USPS customer service about every incident or contact the regional consumer affairs liaison for Tenn – if that is not your location google
“Area Consumer Affairs Managers and Customer Service Program Specialist Contacts” USPS

Ms. Ruth McCarver
USPS Consumer Affairs
811 Royal Pkwy
Nashville TN 37229-9631
For zip codes: 307, 370, 371, 372, 373, 374, 376, 377, 378, 379, 380, 381, 382, 383, 384, 385

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Most likely problem has to do with handwritten name, address and possible legibility. The processing centers computer image all mailings inbound at the processing center and then a second time are scanned outbound.

It has been reported that they can and have provided homeland security with these scans if they require them to profile a specific company, person or mailing address. A mailing that is not being able to be scanned as in it not being legible would have them take no interest in hand tabulation, setting it aside as it can’t be scanned.

Vary your shipments with and without computer print.

Also all print is required to be Black ink and no variation per the USPS mailing policies.

We have had some lost shipments, no scans and no evidence of mailings when the barcode is not perfect or the lines are overlapping that does not allow the barcode scanner to read the lines. Fortunate for us, the local post office clerk informed us of this problem time and time again (printer alignment requirement).

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the factor might be that the postal regs are confusing if you don’t have a good overall grasp of them. When my local post office began to classify most of my paperback book shipments as
“rigid” at $1 more compared to “flexible”, I appealed to the next regional authority which
agreed with the local postmaster. So I appealed again to Portland which is the highest authority
in this state. Portland did not agree with me or the other postmasters, but referred the
issue to NYC which is said to be the supreme authority. NYC said all my mailings were
flexible, and no problems since. But it took a couple of months to get that ruling.

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If you stop writing and print out proper barcoded labels this issue will be fixed.

Anytime a parcel is kicked off the belt for manual processing rather than machine scanning you run a risk.
As already stated, its the hand written letters. The scanner can read your stamp but not the handwritten part, so that is where it directs the package: back to you.

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