Whole shipment to FBA has been lost in spite UPS proof of delivery.



Amazon FBA can’t find whole shipment of 1380 items (180kg). The shipment according to UPS was signed and received by Amazon FBA.
I was asked by Amazon for invoices of the purchase of those lost items in the shipment, which I have provided.
Now is nearly 2 weeks since then and I am still waiting for any response from Amazon FBA.
I wonder what is going to be the outcome or what is the procedure for Amazon if they will not be able to find the shipment?

Thank you for any information.

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The box of ours they lost they eventually credited the account with the net payment for the items (what we would have got if they all sold). Took under a month after box went missing.
We didn’t have to supply invoices (gift items so easy enough to do). Did have to provide proof of delivery. Signed ‘Amazon’ which was probably not that helpful.

Then they found the box, putting the stock for sale and debiting the amazon account by the amount of the refund!
Meant I was overstocked on a few things as a partial replacement box had been sent after the lost box.

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Hi I have had similar problem
2 pallets gone missing even after producing signed delivery note
Amazon firstly said they wanted signed and stamped proof of delivery
Provided signed proof but not stamped as this FBA depot did not stamp the documents as proof of this was provided on earlier shipments sent out to fulfilment centre which were not stamped
Provided photo evidence of shipment
Time of delivery
Registration of vehicle delivering
Signed delivery note by depot
Bill of lading
Copy of appointment made with fulfilment centre
Copies of original invoices
Copies of emails from carrier confirming delivery
After providing all this information amazon denied the claim that they have received the goods
Of 504 items on 2 pallets
Have spent the last 2 weeks fighting this out with Amazon and getting nowhere

Out of stock and out of pocket
Had to upload all the evidence again and resubmit claim again
Let’s see what is going to happen from this now

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